Jacob Lennon Baby: Mother Louise Lennon & Her Partner Jake Drummond Arrested And Charged


Jacob Lennon Baby: Mother Louise Lennon and her partner, Jake Drummond, have been arrested and charged with the death of the 15-month-old baby who was beaten to death. 

Jacob Lennon was a 15-month-old baby who died in August 2019. He was rushed to the hospital in Putney with severe head injuries. 

According to the sources, his eyes were swollen, and several injuries were also discovered in his autopsy reports. Jacobs’s mother has been arrested, and her partner has been alleged of harassment.

The case has shocked everyone, and people are discussing the inhumanity and cruelty a mother shows toward her son. 

Three weeks before his death, Jacob suffered injuries to his face, and his eyes were swollen and badly resembled pandas. Similarly, his genital injuries were defined as “sadistic” in the trial. 

Jacob Lennon Baby: Meet 15-Month-Old London Boy

Jacob Lennon was a 15-month-old baby from London whose name came into the media when his death news was shared in 2019. Jacob was taken to a hospital in Putney with severe head injuries.

The boy suffered a catalog of injuries to his face, body and genitals over three weeks at the hands of his mother’s addict boyfriend.

On August 27, 2019, his mother’s boyfriend, Jake Drummond, reportedly fatally shook and hit Jacob, leaving his face so injured and swollen that he looked like a panda.

Although Jacob’s mother, Louise Lennon, failed to stop it, she joked with Drummond, blamed another child for wounds, and lied to social services.

Furthermore, Drummond and Louise face charges arising from Jacob’s death. Despite that, Drummond denies murdering Jacob.

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Meet Jacob Lennon Mother, Louise Lennon & Her Partner Jake Drummond

Jacob Lennon was born to his parents. His mother is Louise Lennon, while his Father’s is yet to be shared online. Meanwhile, his mom was said to be in a relationship with her partner Jake Drummond.

Jacob was the victim of a Campaign of torture at the hands of his mom’s partner, who left him so severely beaten. Following that, the boy could barely see and with such bad black eyes.

When medics found him after Drummond’s final, fatal attack, Jacob’s skull was defined as being soft and spongy.

Over text, Jacob’s mom and her partner talked about putting the baby in a torture chamber, and the court heard how Jacob suffered a gaping wound to his genital and scrotum caused by a sharp tool described as sadistic in its brutality.

So, the baby died after being rushed to hospital from the family’s home in Putney, southwest London, with severe head wounds in August 2019.

Five days before the killing, Drummond sent Louise a sick message saying he was putting Jacob into the torture room concerning his bedroom.

In another message, Louise referred to Jacob as looking like a little madman because of his injuries and in court, the duo had denied wrongdoing and blamed each other for Jacob’s terrible wounds.

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Jacob Lennon Baby Update: Mother and Partner Arrested & Charged

Jake Drummond and his partner Louise Lennon have already been arrested and face murder charges. Furthermore, Jake was jailed for life with a minimum 32-year term for the death of Jacob.

On the other hand, the child’s mom Louise was handed ten years for causing or allowing his passing and child cruelty. Following a trial, Jake was found guilty of murder and intentionally injuring Jacob.

At the same time, his partner was convicted of causing or permitting the death of a baby, having earlier confessed to child cruelty. They were named were branded as the duo was handed their lengthy prison sentences at the Old Bailey in central London.

Similarly, one police chief said it was the saddest case of his 30-year career. Also, many people have shared their thoughts regarding this case. Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Jolley said it was distressing and emotional for all.

Their sentencing was also televised, and the senior judge said Jake was emotionally volatile, which was made more harmful by his drug use.


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