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Junmoni Rabha was a police personnel from Guwahati, Assam, who became famous for arresting her fiance on fraud charges. She was also known as Lady Singham and Dabangg Cop. Unfortunately, on 15 May 2023, she passed away due to a road accident near Sarubhagia village on National Highway 37, Kaliabor, Nagaon district, Assam.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the life and career of Junmoni Rabha, including her early life, education, career, controversies, personal life, and death.

Early Life, Biography & Birthday

Junmoni Rabha was born and raised in Nolonga, Guwahati, Assam. However, her exact date of birth is not known. Some media reports claimed that she was born on June 15, 1995. According to this, she was 27 years old (at the time of her death). However, it is not confirmed yet.


She attended Narakasur High School in Guwahati for her primary education. Later, she completed her higher education at Cotton College and Handique Girls College, both located in Guwahati. She specialized in Advertisement & PR at Cotton College.


Junmoni Rabha joined the Assam Police Force and worked as a police personnel. She became famous for arresting her fiance, Rana Pogag, on fraud charges. This incident made her popular among the people of Assam, who hailed her as a hero and called her Lady Singham and Dabangg Cop.

Junmoni Rabha, an Assam Police officer, tragically passed away in a traffic accident. She was known by various nicknames such as “Lady Singham” or “Dabang cop,” drawing associations with popular Hindi police movies. While her professional career as a police officer was cut short due to the unfortunate incident, limited information is available about her specific roles and achievements within the Assam Police.

It is mentioned that Junmoni Rabha held the rank of Sub-Inspector (SI) and was assigned to the Morikolong area. However, the provided search results do not offer detailed insights into her specific accomplishments or notable cases she may have worked on during her time in the police force.

Death Cause

Junmoni Rabha, an Assam Police sub-inspector, tragically passed away in a road accident. The accident occurred in the Nagaon district of Assam, and it involved a collision between her car and a container truck on the night of May 15, 2023. Unfortunately, the collision proved fatal, resulting in her untimely death at the scene.

The specific cause of the accident is not explicitly mentioned in the available search results. However, it is noted that her car collided head-on with a container truck on National Highway 37. The accident caused severe damage to her vehicle.

It is worth mentioning that her family has alleged foul play and suggested that her death was intentional. Nevertheless, no concrete evidence or official statements regarding the cause of the accident have been reported in the search results.

Junmoni Rabha BIO/WIKI

Name Junmoni Rabha
Other Name(s) Lady Singham and Dabangg Cop
Profession Police Personnel
Known for Arresting her fiance on fraud charges
Height in centimeters- 160 cm
in feet & inches- 5’ 3”
Weight 55 Kilograms
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Parents Ronjoy KR Rabha (father)
Mrs. Rabha (mother)
Siblings Gitanjali N Talukdar
Asha Rabha
Boyfriend / Fiance Rana Pogag (Ex-fiance)
Age Not Known
Birthplace Guwahati, Assam
Date of Death 15 May 2023
Place of Death Near Sarubhagia village on National Highway 37, Kaliabor, Nagaon district, Assam
Death Cause Killed in a road accident
Nationality Indian
Hometown Nolonga, Guwahati, Assam
Social Media Links Instagram: @junmonirabha

Facebook: @junmoni.rabha.56

Twitter: @junmoni_rabha

Homepage Dreshare.com

Arrest Controversy

Junmoni Rabha, a sub-inspector of Assam Police, was involved in several arrest controversies. She gained attention after arresting her own fiance on fraud charges. However, she later faced her own legal troubles when she was arrested on corruption and cheating charges. Rabha was also embroiled in a controversy when her telephonic conversation with Bihpuria MLA Amiya Kumar Bhuyan was leaked.

Unfortunately, Junmoni Rabha died in a car collision. Her death occurred under mysterious circumstances, and the Assam CID has taken over the investigation. There were reports referring to her as “Lady Singham” or “Dabang cop” due to her reputation and resemblance to police movie characters.

Boyfriend, Fiance & Engagement

Junmoni Rabha was unmarried at the time of her death. She dated Rana Pogag for one year before getting engaged to him on 8 October 2021. However, their relationship did not last long, and they broke up after the fraud charges against Rana came to light.

Family: Parents & Siblings

Junmoni Rabha hailed from a close-knit family in Guwahati, Assam. She was the daughter of Ronjoy KR Rabha. She had two sisters named Gitanjali N Talukdar and Asha Rabha. Together, they formed a supportive and loving family unit.

Junmoni’s family played an integral role in shaping her life and supporting her career as police personnel. They stood by her during both the triumphs and challenges she faced throughout her journey. Their bond was a source of strength for Junmoni, and their love and support will always remain an important part of her legacy.

Interesting Facts About Junmoni Rabha

  • Junmoni Rabha was an Indian police personnel who gained media attention after she filed an FIR and arrested her fiancé on charges of fraud.
  • She was tragically killed in a road accident on May 15, 2023, in Kaliabor, Assam’s Nagaon district, when the vehicle she was traveling in collided with a container truck.
  • Junmoni Rabha was known by various nicknames, including “Lady Singham” and “Dabang Cop” in Assam.
  • She was a Sub-Inspector in the Assam Police.

  • Junmoni Rabha’s professional career in the police force was cut short due to her untimely death.
  • She was involved in a controversy related to a corruption case in 2022, which led to her suspension and arrest.
  • The corruption case involved allegations of receiving money from contractors in Majuli, Assam.
  • Rabha was engaged to Rana Pogag in October 2021, but their engagement ended after his arrest by the police.
  • She was born and raised in Guwahati, Assam.

  • Junmoni attended Narakasur High School and Handique Girls College in Guwahati.
  • She specialized in Advertisement & PR at Cotton College.
  • Rabha’s father’s name is Ronjoy KR Rabha, and she has two sisters named Gitanjali N Talukdar and Asha Rabha.
  • She gained popularity in the media for her strong actions against criminals.
  • Junmoni was actively investigating a case of extortion involving a sum of Rs 6 lakh at the time of the accident.
  • She was known for her role in arresting her fiancé and her subsequent involvement in controversies.


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