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Nischay Malhan (born November 14, 1995) is an Indian YouTuber, gamer, streamer, and social media personality from Delhi, India.

He is very famous amongst the Youth as “Triggered Insaan”. He recently crossed over 9.42 Million subscribers on his main Youtube channel.

I am sure you must have heard about him before as he comes in the top 50 Youtubers of India.

If you want to know more about Triggered Insaan, keep reading! 

Wiki & Biography 

The YouTube personality was given birth to Hindu Parents on 14 November 1995. In 2021, Nischay will turn 26 years old.

His zodiac sign is Scorpio which is known as the वृश्चिक राशि according to Hindu astrology.

The people who have this water element as their sun sign are brave, loyal, honest, and ambitious. Other YouTubers who are Scorpios are PewDiePie and Salice Rose. 

Malhan chose science as his stream in school and then pursued an engineering degree from the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology in Delhi.

Real Full Name Nischay Malhan.
YouTube Name Triggered Insaan.
Occupation E-sports player, YouTuber, and Social Media Personality.
Birthday 14 November 1995. 
Age (As of 2020) 26 years old.
Birth Place New Delhi, India.
Zodiac Sign Scorpio/ वृश्चिक राशि.
Gender Male.
Religion Hindu.
Caste Jat.
Sexuality Straight. 
Nationality Indian.
Education Electronics and Communications Engineering,
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology. 
Net worth Rs. 60 Lakh to 70 Lakh Indian Rupees (as of 2021).
Social Media Accounts Instagram:triggeredinsaan
Live Insaan

Physical Features 

During his high school years, Nischay fell into a state of depression. The YouTuber admitted that due to gaining a lot of weight, he went into a dark phase.

Luckily he recovered from it with the help of his college roommate. Malhan is a fit and strong young boy who is perfect in every way. 

Height In Feet & Inches –  5’ 9”
In Meters – 1.79 m.
Weight In kilograms- 70 Kg.
In Pounds- 154.3 lb.
Body Type Endomorph. 
Hair color Black.
Face shape Triangular.
Eye color Dark Brown.
Nose Snub.
Lips Plump Lips.
Gender Male.

Family & Caste 

Parents & Siblings

Triggered Insaan was born in a New Delhi-based Hindu family. The name of his parents is Vinay Malhan and Dimple Malhan.

While Vinay lives a corporate life with a 9-5 job as a businessman, Dimple makes videos for her own Youtube Channel. Her videos are mainly of cooking recipes.

She wasn’t a working mother before but after the success of her son’s Youtube page, she got the inspiration to make videos as well. 

Nischay grew up with two siblings. The trio has lots of fun together and is very close.

His brother Abhishek Malhan has a channel named “Fukraa Insaan”.

While his sister Prerna Malhan uploads videos on her page “Wanderers Hub”.

All in all, this is a true Youtube family. All of them are very creative and work hard to keep their viewers entertained.

Nischay Malhan practices Hindu religion and belongs to Jat caste.  

Personal Life 

Like many Indian youngsters, Nischay does not disclose his personal life on his platform. This could be due to several reasons.

One of them could be that if he names a girl, she could get hate and criticism from Malhan’s fans.

The second could be the fact that he is in the stage of life where he can make or break his career.

The young star has gained so much in a short time, he might have more goals to achieve. 

Although, we do know that this gamer’s sexuality is straight as he admitted in one of his Q and A videos that he in fact dated a girl in his school time but it could not work out due to reasons.

As of March 2021, Triggered Insaan is unmarried and single. We will surely update if this changes in the near future. 

Social Media Career & Net Worth 

It is not easy to get an engineering degree but Nischay was smart enough to manage it.

Due to family pressure, he took science and decided to be an engineer.

The streamer also got a normal job. During lunchtime at his office, Triggered Insaan watched youtube videos of other gamers playing DOTA.

He was nagged by his office peers which ultimately became the last straw for Nischay. 

He resigned from his job and started his own gaming channel. The name “Triggered Insaan” came after a lot of thoughts and changes.

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His father was always set off or Triggered by Malhan’s doing so the Youtuber decided to go with this name. 

From gaming video, his channel slowly shifted towards commentary and roasting.

He did so because once during a live session, his game commentary was liked a lot by fans.

Now he has a separate channel for his live streams of games named “Live Insaan”. 

Net worth 

As a rising star, Nischay’s net worth is bound to go up. On average, he collects 1 million views per video.

The estimated Net worth of Triggered Insaan is Rs. 60 Lakh to Rs. 70 Lakh Indian Rupee.


Q.1What is the educational qualification of Triggered Insaan? 

A.1 He has an Electronics and Communications Engineering degree. 

Q.2 Whom does Malhan like to roast the most? 

A.2 It is a popular trend that Youtubers roast Tiktokers. Although Nischay has admitted that he has no hate for anyone. He loves making jokes about the cringe content of Tiktok. 

Q.3 Which game is Nischay’s favorite? 

A.3 There are a number of games that are favored by him, but PUBG and DOTA are on the top. 

Q.4 How was Malhan in school? 

A.4 Nischay stayed amongst the top three students in his class throughout his school life. He was intelligent and competitive.  

Q.5 Where does Triggered Insaan live?

A.5 Due to privacy reasons, the Youtuber does not disclose his exact address. But he lives in Delhi, near Rohini. 

Quick Fun Facts about Triggered Insaan 

  • The youtuber made his first Youtube video at his friend’s house. 
  • He lied to his parents saying that he was at his job but in reality, the gamer had quit his job on Youtube. 
  • Malhan does not like chocolate. The star does not have a sweet tooth and dislikes cocoa. 
  • This famous personality joined Instagram on 4th November, 2017. 
  • Nischay’s nickname is “Nonu” (No No). His roommates called him “Yes Yes Bhai” as a gig. This was the name of the star’s Youtube Channel before.
  • There is a controversy that Nischay copies the famous Youtuber CarryMinati. But fans think otherwise and love Triggered Insaan a lot. 
  • He recently hit 1.2 Million followers on IG. 
  • Nischay says that he doesn’t wanna be in a relationship because he does not have the time for it as of now. 
  • In the future this gamer wants to launch his own merchandise.
  • “Trigu” is a nickname that Nischay’s fans use for him. 


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